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ABC-3500 Aqueous Batch Cleaners

Product introduction

The ABC-3500 is a large format Aqueous Batch Cleaner which allows the customer to clean large 

dimension printed circuit boards removing rosin, water soluble and no-clean fluxes. Also the large chamber 

enables high quantities of smaller boards to be processed as well. The ABC-3500 is also capable of removing 

dirt, cutting oils, and contaminants from a variety of manufactured components. The results of this cleaning 

process meet all military and commercial specifications.              

The ABC-3500 of cleaners can be customized to meet all of your cleaning needs. Units may be fully or 

partially closed-loop. Options include wash water recycling, rinse water recycling or both. De-ionized water 

systems are also available. For your water only applications, we offer a completely closed loop unit. 

Standard features

Cleaning Chamber

● Capacity

With the standard cleaning rack the ABC-3500 can handle many large, heavy boards. An available 

dual rack can handle very high quantites of smaller boords, sometimes triple the capacity of standard 

aqueous batch cleaners.

● Industrial

The ABC-3500 is designed from the ground up for an industrial cleaning process. The cleaning 

chamber of the is constructed from thick 16 gage 

304 stainless steel, as opposed to the thin stainless steel of a residential dishwasher or lab glasswasher. This along with a door designed for industrial use will ensure many years of service from the system.


A high flow, medium pressure spray system 

provides both the high flow rates desired for many of the most popular cleaning chemicals and 

enough pressure to remove contaminants without damaging sensitive boards.

Flexible Chemical Management

● Open Loop

All ABC Series Batch Cleaner models come standard with a feeder pump capable of metering cleaning chemical directly into the cleaning chamber. This allows for easy startup of a cleaning process, quick chemical testing and also injection of rinse aids. Chemical injected this way is sent to drain creating an open loop cleaning process.

● Closed Loop

The available Wash Water Recycling System allows the use of a closed loop washing process. The cleaning chemical solution is stored in a heated tank 

for reuse over and over. This provides substantial 

chemical cost savings. Once the recommended use 

period is over, the tank is drained and the machine 

automatically refills the tank with the programmed 

mixture of chemical and water.

● Compatible

The stainless steel plumbing of the ABC Series provides for compatibility with all of the common aqueous cleaning chemicals used in the electronics 




Cleaning   Volume


31 in


30 in


26 in

Max.   Board Size

30 in   x 27 in

Spray   System

Pump   Power

3 hp


Inlet   Water

18 kW

Cleaning   Chamber Sump

6 kW

Forced   Air Convection

18 kW

Chemical   Tank (WWR Option)

4.5   kW


Electrical   Options

208VAC   3Ph 50A 60Hz

480VAC   3Ph 30A 60Hz

380VAC   3Ph 40A 50Hz

Incoming   Water

1/2   NPT


1/2   NPT

Exhaust   Venting

6 in,   0 cfm


Width,   Standard

70 in

Width,   with RWR Option

78.5   in


36 in


67 in


1200   lb