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HWE7800BC PCB Cleaning System

Product introduction

HANSON HWE7800BC cleaning system is specially designed to remove flux and other process residues 

from post–reflow circuit assemblies. It’s a new-type PCB water cleaning system as a replacement of ODS 

cleaning technology, which can achieve cleaning requirements of products before conformal coating process 

and high performance electronic products referred in the IPC-A-610 standards.

Built-in water treatment system can produce high purity deioned water of which purity is up to 

18MΩ±0.2. Cleanliness accords with US MIL-P-28809 I-level standard. The waste water is environment-

friendly which can be drained out directly in accordance with National regulations.

Standard features

● No auxiliary equipment are required. Can be used after being connected to inlet/drain pipes.

● Built-in water treatment system. Raw water can be connected directly. After RO membrane,UV 

   sterilization and Cathode/anode resin bed, high quality pure water is produced and used for cleaning. 

    The cleanliness of PCBs is thus ensured.

● Carbon steel structure.

● Fully automatic/easy setup. All the cleaning, rinsing and drying steps will be finished automatically after 

   programming. Operators need not to take care of the machine during processing.

● Dual cleaning modes: open-loop wash/ closed-loop wash. Operator can select one of two modes.
   The max cleaning/rinsing pressure is 5 kg.
● Cleanliness monitor system can detect the conductivity from 10µs to 200µs.

● Cleaning and rinsing steps are executed in a “ centrifugal spray” way. Upper, middle and lower 

    spraying arms to provide even spraying.

● External efficient isolation flow heating mode will reduce power consumption and heat faster so as to 

   prevent the DI water from being ionized. The cleaning qulity is thus eusured.

● All kinds of flux, such as rosin flux, no-clean flux and water-soluble flux, can be cleaned thoroughly and 

   the cleanliness can reach the first class of American military MIL28809.

● Two-layer basket with pulleys to provide convenient loading/unloading PCBs can be put in slantways, 

   vertically or hang in the machine. Suitable for all types of PCBs.
● Built-in chemistry injection system to automatically inject chemistry at pre-set consentration. Or you can 

   inject chemistry manually.
● Built-in heating system to maintain the cleaning/rinsing temperature.

● All steps can be executed automatically according to preset processes. Cleaning time/temperature, 

   rinsing time/temperature/times and drying temperature/grade can be set based on the sizes of various 


● All the processes are controlled via intelligent microcomputer. The operation interface is user-friendly.
● The running status is displayed on the large LCD in real time. When error appears, the alarm will ring.
● Built-in printer can save the data or print the report after all the steps are finished.
● 40-liter solution tank for closed-loop cleaning.
● Open-loop cleaning is only for environment-friendly chemistry and only approx. 0.045-liter
   chemistry will be consumed in each cleaning cycle. The cleaning cost is greatly saved.

● In open-loop cleaning, waste water will be drained out after being filtered. The filtered water is 

   environment-friendly and abides the environment regulations.

● Cleanliness accords with US MIL-P-28809 I-level standard.


                                                                        HWE 7800BC

Water Supply

raw water

Input Water Filtration


Reverse Osmosis Process


Input Water Sterilization


Water Treatment System


DI Water Tank Capacity

50 Liters

DI Water Resistivity


Heating Power of the Cleaning/Rinsing Cycle


Cleaning Temperature


Cleaning Time

5-250 min

Rinsing Time

1-250 min

Drying Temperature


Drying Time

5-250 min

Drying Power


Internal Recycle Filtration


Spraying Arm

upper, middle and lower

Heating Power of Solution Tank


Solution Tank Capacity

40 Liters

Cleanliness Test


Max Spraying Pressure


Chemistry Injection

programmable and automatic

Max PCBs Size

650 x 700 mm

Chamber Size

800 x 800 x 880 mm

Filtration before Draining


Maintenance Reminding


Data Printing


Power Supply

three phase, 380V, 50Hz

Power Consumption

approx. 16kW

Noise level

< 60dB

Overall dimensions

1800 (H)x 1450(W) x 1100(D) mm


approx. 800kgs